Progressive counter positive

Helps a read a lot it really helps to write. So if you want to make yourself articulate, which is very a good idea, then not only you should read but you should write down what you think. And if you can do that little bit every day, 15 minutes, maybe you can steal your 15 minutes and do it every day, but if you do that for 10 years, you really straighten out your thinking. If you gonna speak effectively, you have to know way more than you’re talking about. Having the aim to be a good communicator is a good start.

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Python data structures and sequences: a pragmatic approach

Tl;dr: bismillah. Many of my folks who are not CS student, also applied to me, still stumbled in the concept of the data structures and algorithms. Even though, that is the core subject if we want to be a proficient programmer or maybe become data scientist/analysis. Also in my experience, during interview with some tech company, Continue reading “Python data structures and sequences: a pragmatic approach”